Hawaiian Dishes in Spokane, Washington

Sink your teeth into food from Aloha Island Grills of Spokane in Spokane, WA. Our menu features authentic Hawaiian dishes priced from $5 to $11. Our locations offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so stop in anytime.

Try Our Signature Chicken Teriyaki

Our chef starts with a boneless, skinless chicken breast. It’s double-marinated then grilled to sweet, salty perfection. Finally, your server brings it to you with a generous portion of Hawaiian sticky rice and our secret-recipe macaroni salad.

Creamy Macaroni Salad

Enjoy our flavorful Hawaiian macaroni salad made with Lori and Pat’s secret sauce. Purchase a side or enough for your whole party. This addictive side dish is only available at Aloha Island Grills of Spokane.

Add Some Spice

Try our Lava Sauce, a delicious garlic-infused hot glaze, on chicken, macaroni salad, and eggs. Our restaurant offers a variety of sizes to help you satisfy your craving full-bodied flavor even at home.

Plenty of Entrees

Choose from our main menu of 10 different items. Customers love our teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef, and stir-fry vegetables. For a special treat, try our Kahlua Pork, a dish roasted for 12 hours without a smoker to get the perfect salty, smoky flavor and a texture that falls apart when you eat it.

Breakfast at Main Island

Start your day the island way with Hawaiian cuisine from Aloha Island Grills of Spokane. Our friendly staff serves you breakfast starting at 6:00 a.m. Choose from our selection of authentic dishes from the Hawaiian Islands, including:

• Aloha’s Breakfast Sandwich
• Breakfast Strata

• Loco Moco
• Rustic Island Hash
• Sunrise Wrap
• Skiwitch
Palm Trees - Hawaiian Dishes

Famous Plate Lunches

Come in for one of our famous Hawaiian plate lunches. Our restaurant offers large-plate and half-plate lunches served with rice and macaroni or pea salad. Pick your favorite from our variety of delicious entrees, like:

• Teriyaki Beef
• Teriyaki chicken
• Katsu Chicken

• Garlic Chicken
• Kalua Pork
• Stir Fry Vegetables
• Lava Bites
• Island Prawns
• Teriyaki Portabella Mushrooms

Contact Aloha Island Grills of Spokane for more information about the only authentic Hawaiian dishes in Spokane, Washington.